Essay on Drug Abuse Is A Growing Controversy

2558 Words Oct 27th, 2016 11 Pages
Nationwide drug abuse is a growing controversy. Ways to help or prevent drug abuse need to be formed, though, the programs used in the past have been ineffective. Drugs affect teens the most, they become much more accessible, and tempting as kids reach High School. As kids are easily pressured, and persuaded into trying new things. Adolescents do need to be aware of drugs, and the effects they may have on one utilizing them. Drug education programs need to be taught throughout kids lives. A class should be given on the effects of drugs, and strategies of how to say no. Sex education is a class taught in high school to kids to prevent them from teen pregnancy and harmful diseases. Teen pregnancy is life altering and sexually transmitted diseases are life threatening. Drug abuse is also causes a significant amount of deaths, not only is it life threatening, but has the ability to impact one 's life significantly. Therefore, a class on how to prevent kids from trying harmful drugs should also be given, and required. Teens need to have a better understanding about drugs, and have more education on the different types of drugs that are available and they may encounter throughout life. It is argued that parents should be teaching their kids drug resistance at home. This is not an arguable statement because a lot of parents do not do so, or may not have time to do so. Telling a teen not to do drugs is not going to stop them. When an instructor such as an officer or teacher…

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