Essay about Drug Abuse And Its Effects On The United States

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More than 3 decades ago, America’s opioid epidemic began taking shape. Although based on good intentions and pharmaceutical propaganda, this upsurge in chronic pain treatment is credited with the reemergence of the deadly illicit substance: heroin. According to the CDC (2016), more than 47,055 people died in 2014 from unintentional drug overdose, with more than 60% of these overdoses directly related to an opioid substance, making it the leading cause of accidental death, surpassing automobile accidents. This research surveys the opinions of members of a grassroots charity organization geared toward creating awareness and educating the community about opioid addiction concerning the effectiveness of Georgia’s public policy response to the growing epidemic. Of the 225 members selected to receive the survey invitation, 74 completed the survey (n=74) rendering a calculated return of 32.8%. The analyzed data indicate that most members (83.79%) believe the abundance of pain medication prescribing contributed to the opioid epidemic and Georgia’s public policy response (911 Medical Amnesty Law = 66.2%, and naloxone = 91.9%) is an effective response.
Heroin is killing our children in unprecedented numbers. The reemergence of one of the deadliest drugs created by man has gripped this country in fear, shame, and death and left public policy makers and health care officials scrambling to build a swift and effective response. For as long as history has been recorded, there is…

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