Drug Abuse And Its Effects On America Essay

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Drug abuse in America is at an all time high across the country. The effects of drug abuse on 18-35 year old male and females in America changes the way drug addicts see reality. Drug abuse can affect a person’s mental alertness, consciousness, cognitive and neurological functions, as well as lead to death, homelessness, loss of family and friends and even prison. Prescription drug overdoses constituted for more overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined, and as many, more emergency room visits. Most people start out with a legit medical issue that leads to a prescription for pain, cancer, and even stress. Prescription painkillers such as Vicodin or OxyContin are prescribed to them legally. Once addicted, and prescriptions have run out, they turn to the streets to obtain the drugs illegally, or they turn to illegal drugs because they are more affordable. Most addicts look for what they can afford at the time. According to Stephanie Siete, director of community education for the non-profit Community Bridges, “people addicted to prescription painkillers usually move to heroin because it is cheaper” (Reid, 2015).
According to the American Journal on Addictions, “drug abuse disorders have strong associations with various social problems such as poor health, incarceration, violence, increased suicide attempts and low quality of life” (Mowbray & Scott, 2015). Additionally, chronic drug abusers represent significant costs to emergency facilities. Studies suggest that each…

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