Drug Abuse : A High Incidence Of Substance Abuse Essay

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Drug abuse is a chronic public health issue that effects people in every level of our society. Drug abuse effects more than just the user. It interferes with relationships, status I society, health, and one’s employment. According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), approximately 10 percent of nurses reported dependency on drugs while working in the field (Copp, 2009). Why is it that nurses have a relatively high incidence of substance abuse? The goal of this research paper is to present insight to what substances are commonly abused, and dig deeper into the lives of nurses and determine why such high numbers of substance abuse have been charted, especially for anesthetic nurses and anesthesiology students. This paper will also discuss preventative measures on keeping substance abuse from being such a trend.
The four most commonly abused drugs are potent opioids, benzodiazepines, nitrous oxide, and propofol, with opioids having the highest prevalence (Wright, 2012). There are many severe and even fatal complications that may come with abusing medications, depending on the type. Abuse of stimulants can cause sudden cardiac arrest, high body temperatures, and seizures. Overdosing on sedatives can lead to suppression of the respiratory system, which ultimately leads to death. Abuse of opioids can lead to respiratory arrest and coma as well. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration released reports stating that there are more emergency room visits…

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