Driving Home From Work On My Life Essay examples

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Driving home from work on this bone-chilling Tuesday night, I couldn’t be any more excited to throw my bags down, change into my pajamas, and crawl into my freshly washed comforter. I’ve been working so much lately that it seems hard to keep my scratchy eyes open, but I finally see my street up ahead. I move to the left turning lane anxious to finally be home. As I go to make the turn, out of nowhere a group of teenagers are crossing the street. I slam on my brakes in time not to hit any of them. My heart is racing, but when I realize everything is okay and no harm has been done, I sigh a breath of relief and continue down the street toward my apartment complex.
I live in a two –bedroom, one bathroom apartment with one roommate, three cats, and one dog. Our apartment isn’t exactly the nicest place to live around campus but rent is cheap and everything is included in our monthly payment. Upon entering my apartment is the vastly open living room containing my U-shaped sectional couch, a large coffee table, and a TV stand holding my 42” Smart TV. Off the east side of our living room is our dining room containing a small circular table with four chairs. Off the south side of the dining room is the kitchen, which I think was made for only one person at a time. Between the dining area and the living room is a small hallway, which connects the bathroom and two bedrooms. Upon entering that hallway, my room is located on the right and my roommate’s on the left. We both have large…

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