Driving Home From The Hospital Essay

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Driving home from the hospital, you realise you’ve never had a more exhausting week. You’ve driven this road so many times lately, but never like this. You rest your head back while the light is red. ’Pretty intense week, Huh?’ John reaches over and gives your hand a squeeze. ‘I’ve hardly seen you. It doesn’t feel fair. I get to just lie there resting and being looked after while you are flat out running from one end of town to the other. Not to mention all those sessions with the nurses. What were they all about?’
‘Well, the daily sessions with the nurses virtually gave me a crash course in what it’s taken them years to learn and longer to master. On top of that, there were appointments with providers to organise equipment and home nursing supervision; with dieticians to learn what and how t are o feed you; and with pharmacists to learn about your medications and all the possible side effects.’
‘You are a truly amazing woman, and the most beautiful private nurse a man could wish for.’ The mischievous smile he gives you draws your attention like a magnet until car horns behind start to sound and you realise the light has changed to green. ‘I wish there was more money so it could be easier. Then professionals could just come in to home and do all that was done at the hospital. Considering the available budget, though, you’re fairly well it. I’m so sorry.’
‘I admit it has been hard, but I’m coping. I think it’s been even more intense than the week before we got married. That…

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