Driving Age To 18 Research Paper

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Is the age of 16 safe to start driving and have a license? States have been deciding if they should increase the driving age. This choice is highly unnecessary because you can help your parents with important things, you can drive to school, and you can drive to work.

I have disagreed with the choice of increasing the driving age from 16 to 18 because already by the age of 16 a lot of people take care of handling important adult responsibilities. Some 16 year olds have parents that make them take care of their own responsibilities or do the responsibilities for them. For example, the parents can encourage students to be responsible by picking up supplies from a store for them when they need something. These are necessities from the parents when they aren’t able to do it themselves or when they need a helping hand. Being able to drive at 16 can really do a lot of favors for when your parents want you to be ready later on in life.

One benefit to 16 year olds having drivers licenses is that they can drive themselves to school and reduce the number of students riding the bus. Driving at 16 is a pretty young age
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Waiting until the age of 18 does not make a huge difference on driving experience. For example, having no experience of driving by 18 is still the same as having no experience at 16. 18 is only the age of an adult, but it does not mean you already have an experience in driving if you have not learned yet.

My disagreement about how the driving age of 16 should be increased to 18 is explained by three reasons. The driving age should stay at 16 years old because there are responsibilities, favors to be done for the parents, driving to school can help a lot better, and driving to work is a huge deal. Age 16 isn’t too young of an age to start driving because many teenagers start their life with responsibilities at a young age and not at

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