Essay about Driving Age For Teenagers Should Be Increased

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Using a motor vehicle has been a necessity the has become vital to our generation to get from place to place. People have relied on vehicle transportation for many years, and not until recently have people start to question whether or not everyone should be able to operate a motor vehicle, including young teenagers. There has been many reports and statistics about how teens are the leading cause of automobile accidents. According to RMIIA (Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association) it states that a total of 2,823 teenagers ages 13-19 died in motor vehicle crashes in 2012. It also states that vehicle drivers ages 16-19 involved in fatal crashes in 2012, 48 percent were involved in single-vehicle crashes. This was higher than for drivers ages 25 and older. Many people will argue that if we limit teens from driving, will prevent them from doing many things on their on, for example getting a job or even going to college. The question is whether or not the driving age for teenagers should be increased, if so, what would be the benefits if any.?

California Driving Laws The first step in understanding how to operate a motorize vehicle is knowing the driving laws. One law that promotes safety emphasizes the need to keep distractions to a minimum. According to The California driving hand book states that it is illegal to be
Panduro 2 on the phone or texting and driving. It also states that 80% of vehicle crashes involve some kind of distraction. Another law states that…

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