Driverless Car

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This critical review examines the article about “The Moral Challenges of Driverless Cars” written by Keith Kirkpatrick. Keith thinks allowing driverless cars to chare the road with other vehicles, pedestrian, and cyclist will create a significant problem with technologists and ethicists. This article has provides important researches that supports the challenge with the morality behind allowing driverless car on public roads, but the conclusion doesn’t not link back towards the thesis of the article. This article analyze how a driverless car would be programed to make a decision verses how a person would make the same decision. Furthermore, the main concern with the driverless car is whether or not the car should favor the pedestrian safety more than the driver and passenger. Keith also utilize various evidence that suggest the driverless car could be better at making safer decision than a person. Keith started the article with evidence comparing the driverless car with humans then ends by discussing the challenge of having a driverless. However, the article is a secondary source regarding the research that was used, the article is composed mostly of quotes from the primary source of …show more content…
This conclusion is not related to the morality of the driverless car but more with the challenge of when the driverless car will be ready to share the road with human divers, which is contributing to the field of the driverless technology rather than the morality behind the driverless car. Furthermore, the conclusion paragraph should be the last paragraph of the article but in this article by Kirk he has a quotation after the concluding paragraph, which can confuse the reader on what the purpose of the last paragraph is

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