Essay Drive Theory And Expectancy Theory

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Drive theory and Expectancy Theory
Since the return of Steve Jobs to Apple, the Company had been continuously moving forward. One of the most regarding cause behind the constant process of the organization is the educated understanding of the market aim, the factor of creativity, and responsiveness with strong business strategies that always keeps the company at leading position in a highly aggressive or competitive market. (Rawlinson, 2015).
Apple most major thing is that it always understands the changing trend in the market through strong research and development process that assist Apple to understand the consumer behavior and develop its products accordingly, that decreased the failure risk of the product. In the analysis of the Apple’s business methods, it is found that Apple effective user the Drive and Expectancy theory that enables the organization to move on to the changing consumer behavior. For example, if an employee is unable to perform his/her task and is really worried. Then he/she is in need of psychological help. So, when team leader or member helps him/her to get out of the situation so that he/she comes out of depressions and drives his/her way to success. (Rawlinson, 2015).
The drive theory is defined in business context as an attempt to analyze the psychological drives, where the drive is an instinctual need that has the potential to influence an individual’s behavior. On the other hand, the expectancy stated that individual has some expectation to act…

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