Drinking : Drinking And Drinking Games Essay

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Social drinking is defined as drinking in a social setting without the intent to get drunk, it usually seen during fine dining, special celebration and small get together. Social drinking has less to do with the act of socialization but more to do with how much alcohol is consumed during the event and what type of alcohol is consumed. A prime example is the difference between having wine with dinner versus drinking a shot of vodka with dinner. Social drinking also takes in to context if the individual is consuming dark liquor versus light liquor. High risk abusive drinking is characterized by gender, for females consuming more than one drink per hour or three to four drinks during the evening. For males, it is characterized by consuming more than one to two drinks in an hour or more than four to five drinks during the course of the evening. The most common forms of high-risk abusive drinking are binge drinking and drinking games that can have very dangerous effects. Drinking in small moderation tends to be seen as a harmless activity, but as a society, we only judge those that are habitually intoxicated because they tend to get involved in dangerous behavior because they are under the influence. When it comes to alcohol, there are no risks free drinking. On the other hand, if we were to look at what college students describe as social drinking, we would find that they reported drinking more than one drink per hour regardless of gender. College students are the ones most…

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