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Register to read the introduction… Although the drilling machine is used primarily for drilling holes, it is often used for reaming, boring, tapping, counterboring, countersinking, and spotfacing. All drilling machines operate on the same basic principle. The spindle turns the cutting tool, which is advanced either by hand or automatically into a workpiece that is mounted on the table or held in a drill press vise. Successful operation of any drilling machine requires a good knowledge of the machine, proper set-up of the work, correct speed and feed, and proper use of cutting fluids applied to the cutting tool and work.

9.2 Types of Drill Presses
Many types and sizes of drilling machines are used in manufacturing. They range in size from a simple bench mounted sensitive drill press to the large multiple-spindle machines able to drive many drills at the same time. Figure 9.1 shows a schematic diagram of a standard vertical drill press as well as a schematic diagram of a turret-drilling machine. Described below are these and other types of drill presses such as sensitive and radial drills.

Fixed head (power head)
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A table mounted sensitive drill press is shown in Figure 9.3. The drill press has the same motions as the previous one plus a telescoping screw for raising and lowering the table and a sliding ‘drill head’. These two features allow easier handling of parts of varying heights.

9.3 Drilling Machine Components
Rigid and accurate construction of drilling machines is important to obtain proper results with the various cutting tools used. The sensitive drilling machine construction features are discussed in this section because its features are common to most other drilling machines. Base: The base is the main supporting member of the machine. It is heavy gray iron or ductile iron casting with slots to support and hold work that is too large for the table Column: The round column may be

FIGURE 9.3: A table mounted sensitive drill used for drilling small holes. (Courtesy Clausing Industries, Inc.)

9.2.3 Radial Drill
For handling medium to very large

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