Essay About School Dress Code

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Briana Barrett

Problem- Solution Essay
I’m sure many are familiar with coming up with excuses to justify their actions and in denial. Adults are the group of people who are immune to this due to the excuses that may be told by their kids or students. However one excuse that I feel like is overrated from adults is the reason to why a school’s dress code is the way it is. It exhibits both racist and sexual themes. Therefore what example does that show off on male students? That it's OK to blame your fellow female classmate for your grade because she was distracting you in the class; 180 days out of the school year. some adults fail to realize that the dress code not only condemns a sex or race but promotes
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Two african american teenage sisters were banned from prom, their track team and suspended from school because of their hair. The Interim director of the school, Alexander Dan stated in a letter that “hair extensions signify wealth and, in turn, unfairly highlight class differences between students, causing distraction.” Furthermore the school “Mystic Valley Regional Charter School,” conveyed that the hair promoted unnatural ordeals and expectations for other students; hence to eliminate the playing field it’s recommended that female students color their hair black or brown and straighten it. Although these arguments are trying to showcase how they are hindering the “inequality” among their students, it raises a level of uncertainty on whether or not they believe in undermining students who come from a diverging ethnic background; because the appearance the school wants for the individuals that the prohibition is linked to is portraying and is based on white standards. In addition to the argument by other victims from the school about the leniency towards white female students who continuously color their hair or get abstract hairstyles without receiving harsh

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