Dreams in Photography Essay

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Daniel Robles Lizano

1 To Dream, interpretation with Photography

I choose these as my topic because dreams when you are asleep function as a movie, and what is a movie but lots of photographs played together. Even though you don’t see you’re dreams in photographs played together, when you remember you’re dreams you remember them sort of like images, like photographs, memories of the dream you had the night before, and that is what is done in modern times with the special equipment, you can recreate the effect of a image that is stocked in you’re mind from last nights dream, or make you’re own dream, and by the right equipment I mean by photography
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Actual Context

Photography is now a really popular art, and surrealism photography with the advantage of technology has been also really popular in this days, even though I Photoshop its not my favourite thing to see in a surreal photograph, technology is an amazing way to help photographs look impressible real, just like making models more thinner or more tall…etc, photographers can manage to use Photoshop to make their dream photographs also more real, one big example of a modern surreal photograph is Alastair Magnaldo, a modern surreal photograph that has impressed many eyes, every picture of him can tell as many stories as there are people in the world, his photographs even though he is not my favourite modern photograph, are amazing, and can manage to make some one write a book to describe just one of his photographs and show the story that is behind it as the quote says, “every picture tells a story.”

Historical Context

Photography has been in human life’s since the first decades of the nineteenth century, and dreams since humans life excited, there must have been someone that join those two together, and one of my favourite and oldest dream photographers is Grete Stern that was born in 1904, she

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