Essay about Dreamliner 787 Case Study

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Tara Lentini
Week 3 Case Assignment
Boeing: Dreamliner 787

Discuss the nature of the market structure and demand for the Dreamliner. What are the implications for Boeing and its customers?
The market structure for the Dreamliner is that of an oligopolistic nature which means there are few aircraft manufactures who sell large quantities to its buyers. With Boeings biggest competitor Airbus unable to compete with the Dreamliner product, Boeing has the chance to take over the market for commercial aircraft.
The demand for the Dreamliner is derived demand. Due to customer demand for comfortable fair priced airline travel, the demand for the Dreamliner will increase. Customers demand comfort during air travel and the Boeing Airliner
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We have all witnessed a passenger beating their luggage desperately hoping it will pop in before the flight attendant comes by to take it to be stored in the cargo area.
19 inch self-dimming windows – This is a wonderful feature for those who prefer a window seat but have to fight the sunlight to enjoy their flight.
Wireless internet and entertainment system – many travelers use the internet to stay connected while away. This option will give business travelers the ability to complete business while on the road. Time sensitive information can be conducted in-flight and travel will no longer be a burden for business travelers. The non-business travel can stay connected with family and friends to inform of flight status and arrival time. Also, wireless access will assist the passenger with passing the time during air travel.

For the buyer of a Dreamliner Aircraft, the marketing aspect will be a breeze. Passengers are always looking for comfort when flying and this aircraft offers many luxury amenities. Airlines with a Dreamliner in their roster will have the ability to sell luxury air travel to its passengers without the luxury cost.
The Dreamliner will offer a lighter aircraft resulting in less fuel needed for flights. This aircraft could replace outdated aircrafts that are no longer economically fit. The 787 will expand non-stop markets for its customers with a “fuel range of 8,500 nautical miles and a maximum speed of Mach

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