Essay about Dreambox

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The first thing to do with any box is to flash it with a good image(this is the tv software ) and also the image needs to be clone safe (if your box is a clone) most new dm500s bought these days are clones. The items you need to flash your box are an image ,i suggest nabilosat darkstar 11 ,and you will need a loader called dreamup (the loader sends the image into the box) and you will need a null modem cable to connect the box to your pc and open dreamup, the first thing you set is com port(this is the port where the null modem cable is connected) some pcs have more than one port so it may have options com1 and com2 etc ,i would start at com1. ok now click on connect (info should appear in the info box ) it
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enable dhcp (when its enabled it will have a green tick on it ) and make sure that enable network is enabled ,now press green to save and exit back to tv channels .

(you can also do this wirelessly using a device such as homeplugs ) your router should display a light to indicate that an ethernet cable is attached and you should see a little light inside the dm500s through the vents at the top,near where the ethernet cable is connected to the box . if you see neither lights plug out both box and router ,now plug in the box first and let it boot up and then plug in the router ,you should have lights now .

Now you have to install cccam in you box ,so you press the yellow button on your remote ,and press the yellow button again to enter nabilosat addons download manager , press ok on nabilo image cams , now scroll down the page untill you see cccam 2.1.3 complete highlighted in red and press ok button on your remote ,you will get two prompts on screen asking if you want to install cccam and install addon you say yes both times .you now have cccam installed so exit back to tv channels and press the blue button on your remote and use the right arrow button to set cccam 2.1.3 as your default cam and press ok on your remote ,now press exit back to tv channels . you are now ready to go to the next stage which is entering c lines.

now you will need to download dream control center (you need this to edit cccam

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