Drama Television And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Drama Television has been around for decades in America, and has won over viewers and critics with rich stories and brilliant writing, but others have never thrived as well as the story of the chemistry teacher struck with cancer forced to make meth for his family to survive. Drama shows typically can only do so much because their setting can restrict them or with limitations on budgets the studio has to work with, but Breaking Bad defies those set expectations. Season breaks have driven viewers mad, as each season progresses as more action packed, richer in its significant story, and more extraordinary than the last, leaving the fans begging for more. Brilliant soundtracks also reside within the show, usually to set the mood of a particular scene, and dozens of examples have beautifully executed this. Although the show only covers 5 seasons, it has struck a chord with audience members that has earned it global recognition and numerous awards in a variety of fields. The viewers of the world praise and idolize AMC’s Breaking Bad for its use of discrete symbolism, it’s interesting character developments, and its seductive cinematography.

The first way in which Breaking Bad grabs the attention of its audience is through its hidden symbolism placed in plain sight. The first signs of symbolism appear through the colors and emotions and people they associate with in the show. The main character, Walter White, particularly wears green emphasizing transformation in his character,…

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