Dr. Kitty 's Life Story As Told By Her Interview Essay

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Humans experience many changes throughout the life span. Humans go through emotional and physical changes as they grow older. Life experiences could either leave a positive or a negative impact on humans. In this paper, I am going to discuss Mrs. Kitty’s life story as told by her during our interview. Mrs. Kitty is a 77 year old Caucasian female. She is a resident in a nursing home. As she recounts, she went through many changes throughout her life. Therefore, I am going to provide a reminiscence overview, major life events that has occurred during Mrs. Kitty’s life, and describe the use of Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial development as it applies to Mrs. Kitty. I will also provide digital pictures of memorabilia that belongs to Mrs. Kitty. I will also construct a genogram about Mrs. Kitty and her family. I will provide a concluding statement and a thank you letter for Mrs. Kitty.
Reminiscence overview
Reminiscence for the elderly population is not only about recalling events from the past, but it is a process that allows the older person to relive past experiences and unresolved conflicts and attempt to integrate them into his or her current living situation (Chen, Li, & Li, 2012). The process of reminiscing allows the older person to create an account of past accomplishments and experiences that has left an impact on her life. Reminiscence is derived from Erickson’s last stage of psychosocial development. Erickson divided the human life span into eight…

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