Dr. Josef Mengele: The Angel Of Death

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Dr. Josef Mengele, who is nicknamed The Angel of Death, was a German doctor of Auschwitz during World War II. He was involved with performing brutal experiments on children, especially twins. Today, only about 200 children survived his experiments out of 3,000 children. Many people despised him for all the things he had done on the innocent lives. Mengele was a terrifying person known to have killed many people with his brutal human experiments and scarred some of his survivors for life.
Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911, in Gunzburg of Germany. He was the oldest son of Karl and Walburga Mengele. Mengele had a passion for science and anthropology. Later on as he grew older, he majored in philosophy at the University of Munich and medicine at the University of Frankfurt. During the time spent at the University of Munich, the school was considered the heart of the growing Nazi Socialist party. In 1937, he joined the Nazi party.
Mengele began his career as one of the SS doctors at Auschwitz on May 30, 1943. He was one of the many doctors who assigned people to gas chambers or labor work. A plethora of people was killed instantly in the poisonous gas chambers. However, Mengele was extremely well known for his experiments on
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It is still affecting some people today due to his horrifying experiments he had done to the survivors and the many lives he had killed. He was responsible for many lives of innocent people. Most of his survivors will forever hold their hatred for him. Others learned to forgive like Eva Mozes. Eva Mozes was one of the survivors of Mengele’s experiments. This is significant because people need to realize what happened in the past and how it affected many people during that time period. The past should never be forgotten. Josef Mengele will forever be remembered as a terrifying person who killed many people with his brutal human experiments and left deep scars upon his

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