Essay on Dr. John Kitchin An Neurologist

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This short film about Dr.John Kitchin an neurologist who was depressed and unhappy with his life abandon his current life to become Slomo his new identity which makes him happy and fulfill. Throughout the film Slomo talks about what motivate him to engage in movement which was for him to rollerblade on Pacific Beach every day to escape and be free for example from the film Slomo stated “The people that love Slomo are cheering for one person who got away...and escaped and got the real freedom breeze...skate all day...doesn’t apologize...he simply doing what he wants to do.” As a result Slomo motivation for his movement is to escape from that person he was that made him depressed and do what he wants which is to skate all day to be free. Slomo describes how he wants to do the basic things in his life which was to skate for as long as he can where he is enjoying himself and with this in mind, good movement plays a role on why he skates for example from the film Slomo stated “I remember that old guy saying do what you want too...So I started counting down on it and I found out what I really wanted to do was the basic things in skate...And everyday I would come out and just skate as long as I could... And sometimes I would skate like even through the night...I just love to skate, I love the feeling and the more attention I put to it the more enjoyable it was the only really spiritual part in my me thinking out there thinking about god and subject activity.”…

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