Theme Of Loyalty In Jekyll And Hyde

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5) How does the notion of loyalty contribute to the novel? Discuss this in reference to Utterson,Lanyon, and Dr. Jekyll. How does loyalty help prevent or exacerbate the violence and tragedy?
Dr. Henry Jekyll
He is good friends with Utterson and used to be good friends with Lanyon. He is successful doctor and is respected a lot. He is really good person but every person has a dark side. He finds his dark side kind of bothersome do he comes up with a plan. A plan to experiment on himself to let his dark side separated from his good, normal personality. Through the experiment he brings out Mr.Hyde . Soon he is unable to control Hyde and dies
Mr. Edward Hyde: He is another personality of Dr.Jekyll with different physical appearance even though they are the same person. Hyde is the evil version of Jekyll. Jekyll does good deeds while Hyde does bad things. He is visualized as ugly and deformed person totally different from Jekyll. That's why people don't really believe that Jekyll is Hyde. As time goes on Hyde overpowers Jekyll and becomes fully in charge of Jekyll’s body as person known as Jekyll ceases to exist
Gabriel John Utterson is respected lawyer and a good friends with Lanyon and Jekyll. He is a rationalist person. He is the perfect type of man
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Their friendship slowly drifted away because of their different scientific opinion. Jekyll calls for Lanyon’s help, asking him to get the chemicals to create the potion to return him back into Jekyll. Lanyon does as he asked and meets up with Hyde. As Hyde drinks the potion he slowly transforms back into Jekyll. This scene surprised Lanyon so much he suddenly became ill and passed away. Even though he’s stopped communicating and stopped being good friends with Jekyll, Jekyll still trusts him. Lanyon also staying loyal didn’t spill the beans about his transformation even at his deathbed saying he wouldn’t talk about it and he could know the reason after his

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