Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Character Analysis Essay

Chapters 1-3 (Pg 1-25)

Mr. Hyde’s appearance is very interesting. It is a very odd appearance. When one sees a person, it can be hard to point out what one does not like about them. This seems to be the case with Mr. Hyde’s appearance.This can be seen with Enfield's description of him. As he talks to Utterson, he say that Hyde “is not easy to describe”(Stevenson 8). This could be that Hyde's appearance is just so different and odd that it can’t be described. When one is describing one's appearance; usually describe an appearance by comparing it to another person, or giving little details. Here it seems that Hyde has a fairly odd appearance. Another interesting thing about Hyde's appearance is is that “he gives a strong feeling of deformity”(Stevenson
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This murder overall seems somewhat random. When Mr. Hyde was talking to Cardew “ then all of a sudden broke out in a great flame of anger”(Stevenson 27). This is one thing that seems to make the murder very different. Hyde it seems all of a sudden broke out in anger. The murder seems very random; it seems as if he exploded. This seems like he basically just let everything out. It Could possibly be because Jekyll did not let Hyde out for awhile. Another thing that makes this murder very different is that Hyde has “ape-like fury”(Stevenson 27). This makes the murder very different because Hyde is ‘ape-like’ shows that Hyde is kind of not developed. What I mean by this is that Hyde being like this shows that he is like a caveman, and not fully developed in this time period. Hyde is being ‘ape-like’ gives some animal imagery, and this shows not only with this murder, but also when he trampled the little girl. There is also something that is very vicious about this murder. Things that were very vicious about this murder of Danvers Cardew are that it was “with ape-like fury”(Stevenson 27). This makes the murder very vicious because with it is being ape-like it shows that the murder is very barbaric, and animalistic. This murder is very quite brutal; the way that Mr. Hyde “clubbed him to the earth”(Stevenson 27). Clubbing a person with a cane to death would take great strength, …show more content…
Jekyll Is having trouble with the chemicals that he has ordered. Dr. Jekyll’s letter “assures that them that their last sample is is impure and quite useless for his present purpose”(Stevenson 54). The purpose for the chemicals are for Mr. Hyde to be able to turn back into Dr. Jekyll. Also in Dr. Jekyll’s letter “ he added, “fine me some of the old.””( Stevenson 55). Dr. Jekyll seems to be very worked up about these problems. Dr. Jekyll if not able to be able to turn back from being Mr. Hyde would be killed by the police for the murder of Cardew. I think that he might be so worked at is that if he does completely change into Hyde he is not able to go on living like he was. He also may be scared of going completely to his pure evil

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