Essay on Dr. Dorothy Day : Preface

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Iconic Ms. Dorothy Day: Preface”

There are fewer people that could recognize a problem or issue that plagues our society; contained by reason, internalize the situation without benefiting personally, answering and muster up the fortitude to attempt a solution. This notion was embodied by Ms. Dorothy Day. All around us are passionate, loving and concerned human beings, but almost never to a fault. Some people’s sacrifices are pretentious and selfish due to the fact that the person(s) sacrifice is for a friend, relative or acquaintance. To Dorothy, it didn’t matter because she helped everyone. Ever so often, you stumble up/on an individual so unique, different and gifted, that you question their sincerity and seriousness. You think to yourself: Are they serious? Do they want something in return or what type of scheme are they running? All at once, the truth is unveiled and found out as being true, sincere and brave. Inwardly, you find a hint of jealousy, maybe a little admiration. Some individuals don’t care for their names plastered on billboards or their names in lights, then, becoming a spectacle at somewhat of a sideshow. Dorothy always said, “Don’t call me a saint. I don’t want to be dismissed so easily.” (Forest. 304) Dorothy believed, we are all called to the actions of a saint: bearing each other’s burden, standing in the gap for the misfortunate no matter if you are black or white, young or old and rich or poor. Sometimes, even to the extent of being…

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