Dr. Dahmer, Ted Bundy, And John Wayne Gacy Essay

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Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy. All very different men with very different lives, but they have one thing in common: they are all sociopathic serial killers. Each of these men came from different backgrounds and had different personality traits, but all had a need to kill. Countless number of scientists and doctors alike, have been trying to figure out the why. One theory has withstood the test of time: Nature vs. Nurture is an age old argument, and many theories have been put forth. New studies and approaches to this argument have created a new position; nature and nurture both impact the creation of personality. Supporters of nature believe personality is predetermined in utero, and at the base level of one’s genetics. Inherited genes have a major impact on important areas of personality, the University of Edinburgh states “Researchers found that genes affected a person’s sense of purpose, how well they get on with people and their ability to continue learning and developing” (“Genes Make for a Life of Success, 2012). In a new twin study, researchers asked 626 sets of twins to participate in a study involving clinical interviews that would help to reveal if psychopathic personalities were developed through genetics. Professors from the University of Minnesota, Daniel M. Blonigen, Brian M. Hicks, Robert F. Krueger, Christopher J. Patrick, and William G. Iacono, say:
Participants were 626 pairs of 17-year-old male and female twins from the community.…

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