Dr. Alfred And Self Competence Essay

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when he thinks he can no longer fulfill his image as protector. The character Alfred Ludlow also exhibits self-competence by wanting to become his own person. Alfred has a desire to be appreciated by his father who rarely acknowledges his achievements. He removes himself from his family in order to make something of his life, in order to become successful and show others that he is more than just one of the Ludlow brothers. Alfred has lived in the shadow of his brother Tristan since they were kids, so this essentially fuels his drive to aspire to be something more. Another example of self-competence is shown through the character Susannah, who was meant to marry the youngest Ludlow brother Samuel. Even though she is to be married to Samuel, she see 's herself being married to Tristan. Her actions after Samuels’s death justifies her desired role as Tristan 's wife when she expresses her love to him. Throughout the movie the audience notices the progression of Susan in regards to growing more accustomed to the western lifestyle day by day. She submerges herself into the culture, in order to look more appealing to Tristan in the hopes of obtaining his love.
According to the text, goal competence is defined as “the ability to set goals, anticipate probable consequences, and choose effective lines of action.” (Trenholm and Jensen 2004, 13). This form of competence involves "strategic verbal choice making in order to accomplish or achieve a goal." (Trenholm and Jensen 2004,…

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