Dove Created What They Call A Social Experiment Essay

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Dove created what they call a “social experiment”. They focused on several “featured participants” who appeared to not know what exactly they had signed up for. They each briefly talked about their appearance, and how they wished they could change how their "imperfections" looked. One by one, they arrived to a building they had never been to, where they were told to talk with a stranger. Then, they were called back into a space where a professional forensic artist was waiting with his back to them. Each woman described herself to the artist, and he drew them. Then, the stranger they had spent a little time with came in and described the participants from how they saw them, and the forensic artist drew a second sketch. At the end, each woman came back to see the two sketches, and to notice the difference between how they describe themselves and how others describe them. Almost all agree they look more beautiful when described by strangers. Dove then flashes the words, “You are more beautiful than you think.” appears on the screen, and the video ends.
So what 's the issue?
The team at Dove makes a good point: most of us are our own harshest critics. Most women probably are more beautiful than they think. This acts as a reminder that we shouldn’t be as hard on ourselves as most of us usually are, and it’s good to remember that others are more prone to look past the “flaws” that we perceive in ourselves. The fact that it’s reminding young women to see the beauty in…

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