Double Indemnity Analysis

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Everybody has the ability to be manipulative.Manipulative people latch onto empathetic targets and make full use of their qualities. They find people who are easy-going, gentle and kind and who avoid conflict.

Throughout the films double indemnity directed by Billy Wilder, nightcrawler directed by dan Gilroy, LA confidential directed by Curtis Hanson and training day directed by Antoine Fuqua, we find that these films have a strong theme of manipulation occurring. This manipulation that occurs between characters happens because of greed, lust, corruption and power. We see this manipulation in double indemnity when phyllis manipulates walter to help kill her husband for insurance money. In the nightcrawler Lou bloom manipulate nina into doing sexual favours for him, he also manipulates the media to gain rates. In LA
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This is shown in the film double indemnity when phyllis seduces walter to manipulate him into helping her to kill her husband for insurance money. This also occurs in the film nightcrawler when lou uses his leverage he has on nina to extorts her into having sex with him. Another connecting similarity is that both characters lou and phyllis are very confident people, this is shown through their body language and actions. We can tell that phyllis is confident when she is standing at the top of the staircase half naked in a towel in front of walter that is a complete stranger. We can also tell lou is confident because even though nina constantly rejects him, he continues to pressure and manipulate nina to have sex with him.We can also see from lou 's body language that he knows he have leverage over her and sits in a very relaxing position that shows he is comfortable and confident in what he 's doing. We can see with these examples both lou and philly 's are selfish people who are willing to manipulate people for their own

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