Double Indemnity Film Analysis

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Billy Wilder is an American film maker who has produced more than 30 films in his lifetime. Three films in particular though have caught critic’s eyes everywhere. Double Indemnity, made in 1944, The Seven Year Itch, made in 1955, and Some like it hot, made in 1959. Billy Wilder’s style in his films could be described as comic in most of his films but some of them like Double Indemnity could be described as dark as it is a film noir.
Over the decades Billy Wilder’s films do improves in style. In his earlier film Double Indemnity Wilder uses Black and white film instead of color film. Since Double Indemnity is a film noir, the black and white really helps with the shadows of the films and to better portray the film noir aspect. Most of the characters in Wilder's films are self-centered and lying to someone. It happened in Some like it Hot when they were lying about being girls and again in The Seven Year Itch when he didn’t think about his wife when he had the girl over, smoke, and drank. But even though Wilder's
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The theme of disguise VS. deception could be seen in both Some Like it hot and Double Indemnity. In Some Like it hot, Joe and Jerry are disguised as girls and are tricking everyone into thinking they are something they're not. In Double Indemnity Phyllis is using her beauty to her advantage to get what she wants out of a man. Also, the theme of adultery could be seen in Double Indemnity as well as The Seven Year Itch. In Double Indemnity Phyllis cheats on her husband with the man she plans to kill him with. And in The Seven Year Itch, Richard is tempted to cheat on his wife the the neighbor girl. But what all three movies had it common was that they all dealt with some sort of love or romance. It was seen in Some like it Hot between Sugar and Joe, in Double indemnity between Phyllis and Walter, and then again in The Seven Year Itch between Richard and the neighbor girl or between Richard and his

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