The Impact Of Jealousy In William Shakespeare's Othello

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The impact of jealousy remains harmful to relationships for instance jealousy leads to actions that are uncontrollable and irreversible. Jealousy is comparable to a monster or cancer--strong, hateful, and aggressive. Iago expresses his anger towards Othello for choosing Cassio, which does not have the experience that Iago has, thus, making Iago further qualified for the position of Lieutenant:
One Michael Cassio, a Florentine, A fellow almost damned in a fair wife, that never set a squadron in the field, Nor the division of battle knows, More spinister unless the bookish theorick, wherein the tongued consuls can propose, as masterly as he. Mere prattle without practice is all his soldiership. But he sir had th’election And I of whom his
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He uses anger to get people to do what he wants as he uses Roderigo this is a form of manipulation. Roderigo is angry since Desdemona loves Othello instead of him. There are many consequences of jealousy, which is pertinent in Othello. Jealousy causes one to lose hope, it makes a person cruel, causes limited power, and brings bitterness and confusion. “Wrath is bad, anger is worse (like a flood), and jealousy the worst (you can’t stand)” (Proverbs 27:4). Iago feeling that his needs not met, doubting himself, sense of powerlessness, and insecurities create jealousy. There is not a need to compare people to others, meaning there is no need for jealousy. Deceit, jealousy, anger, stress, manipulation, rejection, self-doubt, and fear are the biggest enemies. Emilia and Desdemona die at the hands of their husbands because of the lies and manipulation by Iago, but also by society’s stereotype of women. Roderigo lost his life because of his anger of Desdemona not loving him and loving the “black man”. Cassio lost his life from the hand of Iago; there was no wrongdoing other than falling into Iago’s destruction. Othello took his own life because of the self-doubt he had in himself, the jealousy of Desdemona being with someone else, and the fear that a white woman could not love a black man endlessly. Iago lost his life from countless emotions that took over him. He felt anger and rejection that he was not chose for Lieutenant. He felt jealousy from the rumors that his wife slept with Othello. Iago felt angry, insecure, rejection, envy, and jealousy leaving him incapable of making right decisions. Iago’s devastating plan did not bring relief, did not bring power, did not bring wealth, and did not bring happiness. It brought death to himself, his wife, Desdemona, Othello, Roderigo, and Cassio. Jealousy, manipulation, and deceit will not bring relief. In essence when controlled by these emotions

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