Double Curse Case Study

Assignment Question 1:

The ‘double curse’ as outlined by Dunning is when a person’s lack of expertise or knowledge causes them to make inaccurate decisions, but it also them to become unaware of their incompetence.
The first curse is that with the lack of expertise and competence, people fail to produce the correct response leading to “erroneous conclusions” or “unfortunate choices” (Kruger & Dunning, 1999). As mentioned by Dunning, the individual lack metacognitive ability. The individual lacks the skill to recognize whether their own response is right or that other’s response is incorrect. This result in the second curse that one’s inability to make the correct judgment lead to the ‘blissful’ ignorance of his own incompetence. Their incompetence
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His first curse of incompetence has caused him to produce very low-quality work. The clients are unsatisfied with the quality of the work in comparison to the fees they are being charged. This can cause potential loss of clients and ultimately, future sources of income for the company. With that, this can damage the organization’s reputation to potential clients. This is detrimental to an organization’s growth. So in organizations, an individual that is incompetence is more likely to have poor performance when they overestimate their skills when in fact, they are extremely …show more content…
The Rational Choice Paradigm provides a guideline that decisions need to be made using logic utilizing all of the available information to reach the most optimal decision. Edward’s Self Serving Attributions Bias has caused his decision-making process to be irrational. He ignores the many available information around him, especially the direct feedbacks from Daisy and Jim and he was unable to sense the customer’s dissatisfaction. He is unwilling to tie himself as one of an internal factor that has caused the company’s poor performance. Edward becomes perceptually defensive by filtering out negative news that threatens his self-concept (Hock & Krohne, 2004) of a qualified professional as a coping mechanism. He failed to make a complete diagnosis of the problems that need to be addressed thus the solutions that he created for the future of EDJ is also erroneous that can create irreversible damage to the

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