Essay on Donald Trump Is The Best Option For Our Country

1628 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
Common sense seems to dictate that one of the current presidential candidates, Donald Trump was never thought to be running to lead our country. Trump is most commonly known as the very successful businessman who has made billions of dollars in his lifetime. He is also known for being extremely outspoken, and opinionated. Although, I don’t believe he would be the best option for our country due to his fearlessness when it comes to offending people and could even potentially chose the wrong words ruining our relationships with other countries. I am aware that many voters are ready for a change to a more outgoing, and verbal candidate. Knowing Donald Trump’s past helps many Americans sway either with him or against him. Donald Trump uses his way with words in a way unlike any successful political figure before. This leads to many people questioning his motives for our country. When Trump speaks I often hear how negatively he talks about other people, and a very patterned repetition of words. As I 've started to focus more on the wording of a political candidate I find that most often I hear Donald Trump being very juvenile and calling people names. I personally did not know that this was an actual political technique to earn votes until I read professor of English, Donna Woolfolk Cross 's article. In her article she informs the reader about different types of propaganda. For example Cross suggests,
"This device consists of labeling people or ideas with words of bad…

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