Donald Dr. Trump: Sexism And Discrimination Against Women

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Since his decision to run for the president of the United States, Donald J Trump relationship with women have been under scrutiny. Launching his campaign, there has been numerous remarks to and about women that have left some to believe that Trump believes in sexism and discrimination against women. Comments such as,” pregnancy is an inconvenience to business, has work into his campaign to become more about inequality for women to the future of our children. Donald J. Trump has fail to understand during his interview abroad the “Access Hollywood” bus , when he boast ,” about forcing himself on women and grabbing their genital’s , was simply “ locker room banter,” ( Barbaro et Chozick 2016) was not appropriate or should not represent a presidential candidate. Dispute his …show more content…
Trump, has open up such a discussion that many being to voice their opinions. Barbers and Amy believed that some were are affected but most did not take it seriously. They broadcast the different opinions and reason why Mr. Trump words were just words. Majority of the women they spoke to were neither Trump nor Clinton supporters, both sided was heard because when we are talking about gender especially women all opinion’s matter. Women around the world still suffer from sexism and discrimination that Mr. Trump words do have weight to it. Where feminism and gender is supposed to be fair, we have a President nominee bluntly in enforcing the stereotype on sexual assault of women in public spaces that women commonly experience.
Barbers and Amy main focus I believe in the article was to understand how women felt after hearing Mr. Trump words, because in such publicize campaign many people are not focus on the content of the presidential but only on the individual personal lives. Content that since beginning question our gender role in society and mange to promote these misogynist movement that left men to believe that are the oppressed not

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