Don 't You Mean You 're Gay Essay

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Well this has taken a long time. I have been talking about my life but not really being completely honest. And it not cause I wanted to be, but because I wanted to be clear on what I wanted to say.

So here goes.

In January this year (2015), I decided it was time that I was honest with myself and the people who loved me. I am same-sex attracted.

The first question that people normally say here is, “don 't you mean you 're gay”. The reason why I don 't just say that is because there is a huge stereotype that normally comes with being gay and my story and life is very unique, so I 'm not comfortable with that label. But if it helps you, you can call me gay. Also I 'm on a journey, it 's not a closed book and so using the words same-sex attracted means that there is room for conversation.

I think things started when I was 8 years old. I was extremely sensitive to touch, the carpet we had in our house when I was two years old tickled my feet which caused me to walk around on my toes. This meant my legs didn 't form right and I didn 't walk properly. To correct this I needed an operation. But before this, the doctors wanted to try stretches and encouraging me to walk correctly and not on my toes. So my teacher told my class to help and encourage me to not walk on my toes. They, of course, thought this was hilarious and I got labelled as ballerina, fairy and then gay.

Team activities and sports were also a challenge because my brain didn 't get oxygen when I was born and this…

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