Domestic Violence - Why Women Stay Essay

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Why Do Women Stay?
Domestic violence is a serious and complex plague of society that affects all, but women make up the largest number of victims in most case studies. In the United States alone, "1.5 million women are raped or physically assaulted by an intimate partner each year. More than 500,000 women victims require medical treatment, and 324,000 victims are pregnant at the time of assault" (Berlinger, "Taking" 42). Numbers like these show how intense the situation of domestic violence truly is. "Two women a week are killed by a current or former partner and domestic violence accounts for 22% of all recorded violent crimes" (Jamil 70). Domestic violence takes such a large number in percentages regarding violent crimes, yet often is
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"The Moral Defense Against Bad Objects [theory…is] a defensive strategy used by children to lessen their anxiety about being dependent on objects who continuously frustrated their needs," Fairbairn continues to say that a child will become bad to make his parents seem good (Celani 66). The anti-libidinal ego will grow each time the child feels anger or disappointment towards the rejecting parents with regards to psychological support, approval, and/or her physical needs being met. In order to prevent a collapse of her entire ego structure, the libidinal ego grows at the same rate to maintain the idea that the rejecting parent will love and approve of her someday (67). As the two sub egos grow, the central ego becomes smaller (67). "The central ego is anchored by many internalized good-object memories that control normal individuals' anxiety (and prevent splitting) when they encounter rejecting parts of their objects," (68). Once again relating to the child that has their emotional and physical needs met they are seemingly more capable of handling simple problems or challenges presented by their parents or by others. A woman that has developed these large libidinal egos with a small central ego will unconsciously look for a partner that continues to maintain what her egos have grown to know. So why are these women not attracted to "normal" men? "Her libidinal ego was created from unrealistic, larger-than-life fantasies about her objects. She is seeking a man who

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