Domestic Violence Mitigation Programme For Indigenous Community

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Domestic violence mitigation programme for Indigenous community
To build a domestic violence free Territory, Northern Territory government developed a domestic and family violence reduction strategy “to increase the safety of victims and their children, reduce rates of intergenerational trauma caused by exposure to domestic and family violence, increase accountability of perpetrators and establish integrated service delivery systems that are sustainable and adaptable” (Nothern Territory Government, n.d.). The government identifies the five key areas of action such as prevention, early intervention, protection – safety for victims, rebuilding the lives of victims and survivors, perpetrators taking responsibility for their actions to response domestic violence with non-government partners.
According to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner (2006), the NT government has been implementing a range of domestic violence reduction and prevention projects and programmes. These includes
Support programs – Conducting the appropriate counselling programme in pre and post violence for the victims, perpetrators, family and community members.
Behavioural change (men and women’s groups)– most of the violence cases is happened by men. So, the programme to change the behaviours of men play a vital for domestic violence reduction. In addition, some of the cases are committed by women’s behaviours. Women behavioural change programme has also be implemented.…

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