Domestic Violence Is Not The Foundation For Every Relationship

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Domestic Violence

All relationships are built on a foundation of trust , honesty and most importantly, love. Unfortunately, love is not the foundation for every relationship, and it does not always help couples overcome all obstacles they may face along the road. What was once a fairytale now becomes a global epidemic when one in every four women are abused by their partner, and it is called, domestic violence (“Domestic Violence”). Although domestic violence in a relationship negatively affects one’s health, children and even their freedom, but many decide to stay in an abusive relationship. Women in general who are in love are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship with their partner even if it is getting beat or abused by their partner. The love that once existed goes away and now is replaced with bruises, scars and hurtful words.
Domestic violence is not the same for every relationship, because every relationship is different. However, one component it has in common with other abusive relationships is that there is an abusive partner who does all sorts of tactics to gain control and power over their partner. Domestic violence is defined as a continuation of aggressive and controlling behaviors, including physical, sexual, and psychological attacks, that one adult intimate does to another (“Domestic”). Violence against women is one of the most prevalent problems in America. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 1994, it is estimated that…

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