Domestic Violence Is Becoming More Relevant Today Essay examples

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Domestic violence is becoming more relevant today in sports. Yet, some of the top leagues today don’t have a policy in place for these cases. Only the NFL and NBA have a policy in place for domestic violence, MLB and NHL do not. Most cases have even become rather inconsistent in terms of how the league has suspended the players committing the crime. What do these policies have set for the suspension of these players and what do the leagues that don’t have policies do regarding these cases? This paper will discuss these policies, the lack of consistency, and the future. Recent criticism over Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s domestic violence case has caused the NFL to implement a new policy regarding domestic violence. The policy states that first offenders will receive a 6-game suspension which the player would not be paid. Those players that would be convicted for the second time would receive a 1-year suspension and possible lifetime ban. Compared to the other three major sports in the United States, only the NBA has a domestic violence policy due its collective bargaining agreement (Brock and Kiriakos). “The NBA’s collective bargaining agreement calls for a minimum 10-game suspension for a first offense of a player convicted of a felony.” But the NBA is learning from other leagues’ experiences and working alongside their player’s association. The NBA is taking in all this information in hopes of making the right call in the suspension of the player convicted…

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