Domestic Violence As A Legal Issue Essay

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Introduction: The creation, interpretation, and application of laws and policies in society is guided in large part by the morals and values of the society in which they are implemented. Within this idea, however, it is necessary to realize that there are numerous perspectives from which to approach and address legal issues. This becomes especially pertinent to bear in mind when examining contentious subjects like domestic violence. This paper will examine the issue of domestic violence as a legal issue in Canada, drawing upon numerous sociological theories to analyze key contemporary laws, policies, and procedures. Through this analysis, the implications of these theories will be discussed in a critical manner, and connections to their broader implications on the issue as a societal matter will be explored. This paper aims to provide valuable sociological insight into the way we understand and address of issue of domestic violence in Canada.
A Brief Overview of Laws and Policies surrounding Domestic Violence: For the purpose of better understanding the contemporary context of laws and policies surrounding domestic violence, it is necessary to briefly examine the historical context of the subject. Under English Common Law, which was adopted in Canada in the 1600s during European colonialism, a man exercised authority over his wife and children; in fact, women had the same legal status as children (Baker, 2009, p. 57). This resulted in a legal entitlement for men to…

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