Domestic Violence And The Intervention Programs Essay

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Domestic violence his generally defined as violent or aggressive behavior within a home, that typically involves the violent abuse of a spouse or partner (Gosselin, D. K. , 2014). Within society today domestic violence is all around us, sometimes it is visible but other times victims of this abuse fail to report such activities to authorities. Furthermore, this paper will discuss the topic of domestic violence, and the intervention programs that are put in place for the minimization such violence. In addition these programs weaknesses will be addressed, and how they can be made to be more effective.
The faces of domestic violence:
Domestic violence can affect anyone regardless of their circumstances, social background or ethnicity. History has been a main contributor to the evolution of this crime. For example, civil laws of ancient Rome, which declared that the male was considered head of the family had full rights and powers over his wife, children, and any descendants through the male lineage. Women were considered to be property that could be sold or bought (Gosselin, D. K, 2014). Any harm done against women was considered to be an offense against the male head or the house as opposed to the actual women (Gosselin, D. K, 2014). With this being said women are found to be the primary target of domestic violence.
Protective acts have been specifically made for victims of domestic violence. For example, the United States seems to be taking a progressive lead in…

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