Research Paper On Women's Shelters

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Women 's Shelters: Improving Lives, One Woman at a Time

Having a place to turn to in times of need is of great importance. Like-minded people to be able to talk to and gain support from can be difficult to find though, and that is why there is a need for programs and services that assist women who are survivors of domestic violence. According to the Ontario Women’s Directorate website approximately 83% of all spousal abuse victims are women ( ). With such a drastically high percentage of individuals that have been physically harmed by their partners being women, it is necessary to provide specific supports in the community that are conducted solely with the intention of helping this population. When women and their children are
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Government assistance is essential, and has fluctuated over the years, but it is through donations and fundraising that the shelters really strive. Getting the word out there that gender violence is a very real and serious issue is a key component to their fundraising efforts. It shows the public to become more aware of the cause and provides a way to help. One major fundraising effort is the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes campaign. This has become an internationally recognized event and is held all around every year. In 2001 it started out with a small group of men daring to totter around a park has grown to become a world-wide movement with tens of thousands of men raising millions of dollars for local rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters and other sexualized violence education, prevention and remediation programs. Last year over 450 such walks were held across the country and tens of thousands of men (women and children too!) put on heeled shoes as a symbolic gesture to walk in solidarity with women. The Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie has been hosting Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event since 2010. In 2015 they raised $27,000 thanks to the generosity of the individuals and business in our community. ( …show more content…
Unfortunately the number of victims does not seem to drop very much, if at all, and the reality is that more shelters would be more beneficial. Sadly, the funding available does not allow for more shelters to be available. Victims need a safe place to go and begin to turn their life around. They need the support systems these shelters offer, and they need the help of everyone to stay available to those who need it. Theses shelters offer specific types of services that are essential to various women in need. They provide understanding, support and education in a variety of effective ways that encourage positive growth. It can be difficult for a woman to overcome issues associated with partner violence and having effective resources that can be accessed free of charge are extremely important to various individuals. Many women need these services and they must continue to exist in contemporary society. So lets stop ignoring this topic and start talking about it bringing more awareness to the community and to your families about the seriousness of domestic partner violence and the affects it has. Lets start supporting these shelters that help save so many women and children and give them the opportunity and tools they need to live as safely as we do, a life they so desperately

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