The Importance Of Women's Shelters

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Women 's Shelters: Improving Lives, One Woman at a Time

Having a place to turn to in times of need is of great importance. Like-minded people to be able to talk to and gain support from can be difficult to find though, and that is why there is a need for programs and services that assist women who are survivors of domestic violence. According to the Ontario Women’s Directorate website approximately 83% of all spousal abuse victims are women ( ). With such a drastically high percentage of individuals that have been physically harmed by their partners being women, it is necessary to provide specific supports in the community that are conducted solely with the intention of helping this population. When women and their children are
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Dr. Tutty headed a study, released in June 2006, revealing that 77 percent of 368 women surveyed in ten shelters across the country were at “extreme” or “severe” risk of being slain by spouses, ex-spouses, or boyfriends. ( ) The women 's shelter is a necessary resource because it saves a lot of women and children 's lives. Not only does it provide a safe haven, but it also provides an opportunity to restore confidence, self-esteem, and independence. With continued support, women in need can become stronger, but without adequate funding, there is only so much the shelters can do. By providing a safe place for women and children to go, women 's shelters offer temporary accommodations. These dwellings are suitable for the victims to begin their recovery, as it is a welcoming environment. No men are allowed at these facilities in order to make the victims feel safe. For added protection and to ensure no …show more content…
CTV Barrie News reported in September 2015, that it costs approximately $120 per week to keep one woman or child in the shelter. ( ) That’s not all, while residing at the shelter there are many resources that are available to the women. Victims are encouraged to utilize the social workers that are present for counseling to assist in the healing process. Most women are embarrassed to share with friends or family about what has happened to them, leaving them feeling alone or isolated. Friends and family can also sometimes hinder the healing process by not knowing what to say or how to help. That’s why it is important to have more trained professionals and services in the community to help the victim’s of domestic violence. Having social workers like the ones at the shelters gives them an opportunity to express their feelings and concerns, and allows them to begin to overcome their fears. Aside from counseling services, the shelter also provides services such as housing, financial, and legal assistance if they need it. A skilled Outreach worker will assist with filling out forms, attend any related meetings and personally attend any court dates. The staff member further links the women to various agencies and individuals in the community that might also help in the recovery process. Having a professional who can understand and will be there

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