Domestic Violence And Sexual Violence Essay

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“Domestic violence is abuse that happens in a personal relationship. It can happen between past or current partners, spouses, or boyfriends and girlfriends. Domestic violence affects men and women of any ethnic group, race or religion; gay or straight; rich or poor; teen or adult or elderly.” (“Domestic Violence-Topic Overview”, 2016) The Pulitzer prize winning series by the Post and Courier of Charleston S.C., “Till Death Do Us Part.” brings to light a very real issue that unfortunately is affecting ” one women every 9 seconds that is assaulted or beaten.” (Domestic Violence Statistics, 2016)
In almost all cases of the women who told their personal story it started the same way, they had no idea their abuser and the behavior they displayed would lead them on the journey they experienced. Sadly only a small few were able to survive. Those who did have scars and disfigurements to remind them of the ordeal they no longer live with on a daily basis. To be fearful of the one you love, to be so scared to leave yet feel that if they did they may not live to tell about it. One survivor described her abuser as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” basically this is described as having dual personalities, which shift interchangeably. Another survivor unable to tell her story because she was killed while doing everything the systems suggests and advises women in these situations to do. “Teacora Thomas did everything she could think of to protect herself form her estranged husband, who had…

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