Domestic Violence And Its Effects On The Relevant Authority Essay

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The research report below tries to explain why there are many people do not report cases of domestic violence to the relevant authority. The report will help understand why most people do not report most cases of domestic violence. The large number of people who are suffering from domestic violence triggered the research. There are many cases of domestic violence on a daily basis, but there are few cases reported in the relevant authority. There are many types of domestic violence but most people cannot distinguish them because of inadequate information about the legal requirements.
Domestic violence
Definition of terms
The definition of domestic violence is not specific because there are several mitigating factors that influence a violence to be domestic violence. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, domestic violence is any act that aims at negatively controlling another person. Domestic violence may be direct or indirect imposed. The following are the domestic violence that is common. Physical abuse, rape, emotional and psychological abuse, teen dating abuse, elder abuse, female genital mutilation, sexual abuse, forced marriage, physical abuse, disabled person abuse, transgender abuse, child molestation. The abuses are common, but very few victims understand when abused (Broderick, 2011).
Psychological abuse; this is a form of domestic abuse that affects a person’s feelings. The perpetrators of this violence do it through actions or implied sentiments.…

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