Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Adult Relationships Essay

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Repeating the Cycle
Unfortunately half of the women (n = 7), experienced domestic violence in their adult relationships. One participant was coded as both Breaking the Cycle and Repeating the Cycle as she and her husband made the conscious effort to not have their children have similar experiences like they did; however during a separation in the marriage, she did experience domestic violence with another partner, and ended the relationship. Within this category, sub-categories were created to examine if it was experienced repeatedly (n = 2), fought back (n = 2), ended the relationship (n = 2), or was the actual abuser in the relationship (n = 2). The category was equally divided with one participant who fought back, and also ended the relationship. A participant who has repeated the cycle a number of times shared:
The Indians has beat on me. The, one of the White ones also beat on me, but the other two are more, well, one of them was Army type, well, he was in the Army. He’s more, he was more mental (Lisa S).
Trust was the strongest theme that emerged from the Outcomes – Relationships code. These women struggled tremendously with trusting their partners, and just anyone in general. Many expressed wanting to tear down walls that have been built as a result of the past experiences. A participant shared:
I just want to be able to find the person to where I can tear that wall down and not have to be worried, you know, am I gonna have to build it back up again. Not having to…

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