Domestic Violence And Child Sexual Abuse Essay

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There are many common features that can be identified within the problems of domestic violence, stalking, child-to-mother violence, and child sexual abuse. Many versions of these crimes involve domestic settings and therefore involves family members, causing many of the incidents to remain in private. Privacy allows for the protection of self-dignity and loved ones, as well as the prevention of increased levels of abuse or negative attention. Unfortunately these qualities intensify privacy within family and domestic atmospheres, which only adds to the many problems victims face when attempting to disengage from these forms of violence.

In terms of private qualities, domestic violence remains extremely so, in the sense most wives or spouses are unwilling to speak to others about the abuse they encounter. Especially in cases of husbands being abused, most victims feel as though they will be judged for “allowing it to happen”. Periods of abuse can cycle with happier, kinder periods which allows victims to witness these better sides of their maltreater and also influence them to remain in the abusive setting. In domestic violence, spouses may be brought to believe that they have done something wrong which angered their significant other causing them to respond with violence - unfortunately in these situations the level of compliance does not affect the level of abuse, for the abuser will always be angry about something else.

Child-to-mother violence is persistently private as…

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