Domestic Violence Against Women And The Media Essay

1020 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
When the words ‘domestic violence’ are spoken, to most minds, visuals of battered and bruised women, terrified and alone, helplessly trying to fight off their aggressive partners, come to mind, however in reality, this is not the case. Domestic violence against women is recognized and condemned worldwide, however it is very rarely portrayed on the medias behalf that women can be the abusive soul in the relationship.

This perception the media brings to the public is not accurately representing the true facts behind the life threating topic, action needs to be put in place to not only improve things for women, but drastically for men as well. Society is not aware of the health issue that many Australians face, and once this matter is resolved a stronger, more supportive community for those needing help will be built.
Almost half of domestic violence victims are male, so it is questioned why the media are only exposing the bruised and assaulted women to the public’s eye. It is clear that both men and women suffer equally from abusive relationships, the most efficient way in solving the global problem is to teach abusive behaviours and non-violence solutions from a young age to both genders.
Australian society has levitated away from keeping this topic hidden, and current reports and campaigns have drawn attention to the abuse against women, whilst men have received no attention and no change from the past, continuing to feel neglected about the matter. During the 1970’s,…

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