Doing A Business With Christ Essay

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Doing Business with Christ

The last half century has witnessed the growing influence of business models on the organizational structure of the church at the local congregation level. This is especially so for an interesting business model known as the Church Growth Movement. It has had a strong influence on forms of worship, music styles and even finances of the local congregation. This paper will examine a few of the pros and cons of this movement and its some of the effects on.
The largest Protestant denomination in the United States is the Southern Baptist Convention. It became the largest by consistently baptizing an average of “379,711 people annually”.
“From 1950 to 2011 Southern Baptists baptized an average of 379,711 people annually. Only twice during that time did the numbers dip more than 10 percent below that average. But in 2012 the decline was 13 percent off the average—the worst drop in sixty-two years.” (Joe Conway, “Pastors’ Task Force Releases Report on Declining Baptisms” SBCLife, Summer 2016, WEB 8/31/2016)
It has declined every year since.
Random House Webster’s College Dictionary of 1996 defines marketing as: mar•ket•ing (märʹki ting), n. 1. the act of buying or selling in a market. 2. the activities, as advertising, packaging, and selling, involved in transferring goods from the producer to the consumer. [1555-1565]

“Statistics reveal that most converts are brought to Christ by friends and…

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