Does Technology Make Us More Alone? Essays

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Does Technology Make Us More Alone? Who do you blame when you’re addicted to a drug, the Drug? I don’t think so, you blame yourself, and the same goes to technology. The internet, social media, and all the advancements in technology are like a drug, and they’re the best thing that has ever happened to the human race, making life a whole lot easier and making us fell a whole lot closer. That’s why we depend on technology in almost everything, and that’s why it’s addicting. We should approach it the same way we approach a drug, you can’t just remove a drug, and complaining about all its cons certainly won’t stop us from using it and won’t solve the problem. However by using it in the right way, and by not letting it waste our time, we can learn to harvest all of its goods and use all of its advantages. The Internet is being used by 3.1 billion people around the world, it’s used for Social Networking, Education, Communication, Research, Financial Transaction, and Real Time Updates. Statistics from “huffingtonpost” show that only 15% of the internet is being used for social networks and only 5% play online games. But 45% send or read email. 40% use search engines, these 40% are either researching, or learning how to do something. tkm5196; an author in says, “I totally agree! Sometimes my phone does distract me from face-to-face conversation, but the same would go for newspapers or books before cellphones were created!” What tkm5196 is saying is that…

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