Essay about Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

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Does technology Make Us More Alone? As Albert Einstein said “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. People communicate with each other face-to-face or with technology. Technology was made to bring people together; they can communicate on the phone when they can’t see someone in person. But has the internet; mainly social media, pushed some people further away from each other and made them lonelier?
In today’s society a very high percentage of Americas have a cell phone which they view as an extension of themselves. “Fully 92% of American adults own a cell phone, including the 67% who own a smartphone.” “Nine-in-ten cell phone owners (90%) say they “frequently” carry their phone with them, while 6% say they “occasionally” have their phones with them. Just 3% say they only “rarely” have their cell phones with them and 1% of cellphone owners say they “never” have their phone with them” (Rainie, Lee, and Kathryn Zickuhr ,2015). People keep their cell phone on them most of the time and use them as their main form of communication. People struggle to communicate in person due to talking or texting on the phone most of the time. They do not rely on eye contact, voice tone, and body language. Without face-to-face communication it can result in worsening social skills and unnatural behavior when ‘virtually socialized’ people find themselves in real-life situations. The use of technology isn’t going to die down it…

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