Does Technology Affect Human Communication? Essay

898 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Before the invention of the telephone, communication was founded solely on face-to-face communication. However, in recent years, the internet has come to the forefront. It has adapted everything in the world that surrounds us, especially communication. Texting, snapchat, and various other forms of non-verbal communication have become more common than talking on the phone or emailing. Some see no fault in the shift from verbal to non-verbal; however, author Sherry Turkle believes the populous should be more aware and cautious of this shift. In her essay "No Need to Call," Turkle expands on her belief to be cautious of the shift to technology-saturated communication by emphasizing specific aspects of personal testimonies. Though Turkle may not bash technologies role all together, she specifically argues to be alert, because technology provides a mask for people 's true selves and may make face-to-face communication obsolete. Although I do agree with Turkle’s statement that technology is no match for face-to-face communication, I believe that she overstates her opinion, causing her to fail to recognize the benefits technology brings to communication and, instead, focus more on the negative aspects.
Turkle begins her argument with the story of a young girl named Audrey. With Audrey 's anecdote, the audience is given insights into the opinions of the younger generation. After stating her preference for texting over calling, Audrey emphasizes " 'there is a lot less boundness to…

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