Does Social Media Affect The Way You Live Your Life? Essay

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Does social media affect the way you live your life? The growing generation have learn from what they see on social media. Children are constantly exposed to harmful, explicit and inappropriate content, which is why the Children 's Online Protection Act should be passed again. Congress has argued over this act for years. The debate began during the presidency of Bill Clinton.
When he was president, the Children’s Online Protection act was passed, however it never took effect because it was often challenged. The act would demand commercial Web sites to acquire your age before viewing harmful material. Along with this act, the house passed a bill on new internet taxes. This bill would deny the tax exemption to sites that did not require one to prove their age for explicit material. Also, it would require online users to obtain a guardian’s approval before searching privation information from children under twelve. In any congress affair, there was objections to this bill. Assistant Attorney General Anthony Sutin stated, “the legislation contains ambiguities concerning the scope of its coverage that might complicate and hinder effective prosecution.” (Flagg, 1998). In other words, it can be seen as unconstitutional. Even though drama continued with the bill, President Clinton proceeded on signing the legislation. This angered opposing committees and groups, who threatened to sue if the bill became a law. Thereafter, a subcommittee met and discussed the concerns…

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